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The Foot Collective 1-day Seminar

This Saturday I spent the day in our beautiful capital city Ottawa, ON, at The Foot Collective's one day seminar. They called this a seminar on foot health but in 6 short hours it manages to pack in so much more. In fact, following their own mantra that "foot dysfunction is an epidemic of hip dysfunction" these guys approach the foot from the perspective of the hip, and in doing so more than strike down two movement issues with a single stone. They not only help normalize and simplify the way you look at foot function but you leave with hips that have received most likely the best workout of your life.

The learning process was very hands on and the information was straightforward and easy to understand. We explored motion from the hip all the way to the big toe and back, and worked on optimizing gluteal muscle function as well as mobilizing everything down to the pinky toe. Words cannot do justice the difference I feel in my hips after a day spent with TFC. I left the course with interventions I can apply immediately and to a varying range of patients. Words can pack a punch and these guys spoke with effortless confidence that only emphasized their passion for feet and more specifically barefoot feet and barefoot, minimal footwear. Instead of telling you what we did let me share with you some of the great catchphrases that came out of today.

On the epidemic of sitting:

"Your body adapts to the what ever position you put it in the most often. It wants to be efficient. If you sit all day you are getting efficient at sitting."

On the complexity of walking:

"Elon Musk can shoot a rocket into space, but we can't make a robot that walks fluidly like a human."

On foot mobility and stability:

"Stability is control in the presence of change."

"The body