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The following patient stories and testimonials were provided freely and with permission to share. 
A kind word or referral is the best way to feel that you are going to receive the best care I can provide. 
Please read below for what patients have to say about their care.

My name is Robbie, I’m a 32 year Strength and Conditioning Coach. I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Simison for just under a year now. I am an extremely active person and I’ve had several serious back injuries and struggled with hip and knee problems throughout my life. I’ve seen 2 other Chiropractors for treatment, but nobody comes close to Dr. Simison for knowledge, dedication and execution. I’ve never felt better, my problems have ceased and whenever my activities cause a flare up somewhere, Dr. Simison has always been able to put the fire out, recommend a course of action and I’m back to 100% in no time. I would say her biggest strengths are her passion for health and fitness, her ability to listen to her patients and her comprehensive treatment scope. With her ability to offer Chiro adjustments, Graston, Active Release Therapy and Acupuncture, she will help you reach your goals. I truly owe my performance and health to her expertise. I’ve also referred a number of clients and friends to her and all have come back in much better states and raving about her approach. She sets the standard for what a medical professional should be in every sense.

Robbie C.

I first went to Dr, Simison on the recommendation of my RMT.  I had some achilles tendonitis, and massage was helping but not fixing the problem.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about chiropractors in general, as I had a couple of bad experiences previously.  Well, with some Graston and acupuncture therapy leading to drastic improvements in my achilles, that attitude began to change.  

Two years later, everything has changed.  Dr.Simison introduced me to new ways of running, stretching, working out, and even eating.  I'm 20lbs lighter and my endurance is way up. On top of it all I experience much less soreness, both because of her treatments and her tips.  Every time I go in there she has done some new research and has something new for me to try.  And if I've read something that she hasn't heard about, she's checked it out by the next appointment and is ready to discuss it.  The thing is, Dr. Simison is not just a chiropractor.  She is a Healthcare Professional in the truest sense.  

I hesitated a little in writing this testimonial, as I'm not sure I want Dr. Simison to take on any more patients.  Of course I want her practice to be a success, but I believe she gives me a competitive advantage over....well....the rest of humanity.  I'm not sure I want to share.

Dean W.

My husband has been a patient of Dr. Simison's for many years.  After injuring my lower back in 2012 he suggested I make an appointment with her. I saw a huge improvement after only a few visits with Dr. Simison.  The exercises she suggested were easy and greatly assisted with my recovery.   I find Dr. Simison very easy to talk to and she has a wealth of information to share with her patients.  Its easy to see that she truly cares for her patients and their well-being.  In fact I find all the staff at Peak Health to be very accomodating and friendly.  I would strongly refer any of my friends and family to Peak Health and most certainly to Dr. Simison.

Jodi F.

I have been fortunate to be under the phenomenal care of Dr. Simison for 6 months now. She has treated me with compassion and utmost concern.

After enduring 4 years of pain and frustration with 3 Specialists and numerous tests only to hear the common answer of “Negative” (again), I turned to Dr. SImison for help. To be honest, I was apprehensive at first because no other Doctor was able to diagnose me.

However, apprehension turned to confidence during my initial appointment. Dr. Simison took me down a new road and I have not looked back since. I will be honest, there was a point when I wanted to throw in the towel, but with her encouragement, I carried on (thankfully).

The benefit I have received has been remarkable and has been a major contributing factor in the quality of my recovery. Without the knowledge and reassurance of Dr. Simison, I would not be at the level I am at now.

Not only would I highly recommend Dr. Simison, but kudos to the facility where she practices as well. The Receptionists are very warm and friendly and genuinely welcome you as soon as you walk through the door.

My sincere thanks and admiration go out to Dr. Simison and the Staff members.


Very welcoming atmosphere.  Above all else, the staff made my children feel comfortable during and after their appointments.  A great first experience.

Stacey D.

I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for being so kind to my mom, Shirley. She was quite shaken after hearing the results of the xray, but very comforted by the feeling that you (and your team) will support her and see her through understanding how this will impact her daily life, educating herself, and eventually moving forward in a healthy way. 
Not to mention, supporting her through the next medical tests that need to be done and giving her the confidence to challenge her doctor and advocate for her health. You made her laugh through upsetting news and let her focus on being healthy.

Thanks for being you! I knew you were the right person to refer her to.


Thank you. I was nervous coming to see a chiropractor for the first time, in addition to feeling upset about a knee injury that would possibly prevent me from running.  However Dr. Simison was incredibly professional, informative and put me at ease very quickly.  I am looking forward to continuing treatment and being taught how to better take care of my body so that I can keep running


An excellent first impression. Very professional yet friendly, approachable and comforting.


I was very impressed by the overall experience. You have very little to learn about making a patient feel welcome and very comfortable at Peak. Dr Simison is a skilled professional.Thank you!


Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help to prepare me for the race!  I couldn't have done it without you.  I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to figure out my problems and sort me out without making a recommendation to stop running during the process.  You recognized this was important and looked for other ways to fix me.  Because of this I am so glad I was able to reach my goal.

Illona S.

I started working with Dr. Simison in October 2011 when I sprained my ankle quite seriously teaching a sports-inspired group exercise class. Dr. Simison's treatment plan for my ankle was second to none. I specifically wanted someone who could provide acupuncture therapy in addition to chiropractic treatment and  both methods of treatment allowed me to get back to teaching within 4 - 6 weeks  of my injury. 

What I love about Dr. Simison is that she is very attuned to my sports-related issues. Because Dr. Simison is so active herself, I know she truly understands the "aches and "pains" that I feel and why they are occurring. As a result, Dr. Simison's treatment plan for me is always effective and gets me back to a level of activity where I can excel in my craft.
I would highly recommend Dr. Simison for not only those individuals needing therapy for any sports-related injury, but also for those that are seeking a healthier, more active lifestyle by ensuring that their daily aches and pains are addressed and treated.
Congratulations Dr. Simison on a successful first year of practice in Brooklin and look forward to having you here for many years to come.

Margaret P.

I heard about Dr Simison from a co worker who highly recommended her to me.  Like my co-worker, I have had a very positive experience as a client of Dr Simison.  She seems very knowledgeable and thorough.  She listens attentively to my concerns and addresses them with great effectiveness.  She spends time to ensure I leave the office feeling better than I did when I arrived.  I have never been kept waiting in her office and she is always extremely pleasant and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone seeking results from a compassionate, knowledgeable practitioner.

Stephanie R.

I highly recommend Sarah/Dr.Simison to anyone looking for chiropractic care.  She is a compassionate doctor, collaborative with her patients on their journey  to greater health.  Sarah is always positive, listens wholeheartedly to patients  concerns,  can easily translate complex issues/ailments into a diagnosese that  is easy to understand and looks for the  right treatment and/or combination of  treatments, all while treating the individual holistically. 

What  initially started out as a quest to find answers to what was causing my foot  pain, has become so much more - a prompt diagnosis, assessment to understand the  imbalances throughout the entire body, relief and the ability to return to  normal function.  And I can't thank her enough! Thank you Sarah for your care  :-) 

MIchelle P.

I just want to let you know that I'm very happy with the level of attention to detail you paid when initially assessing me about my chiropractic needs. In addition, I'm also very happy with how thorough you are with my ongoing adjustments, and the exercises you recommended have really helped as well.

Andrew V.

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