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Chiropractic for children

In my practice, I have patients of all ages.  From as small as a few days old to their grandparents!  But a common questions from parents is often "do you adjust your son?"

I sure do!  My son has had chiropractic adjustments since he was born.  Gentle, non-invasive, pediatric manipulation that has continued as he grows.   

Why? Because I believe it helps his body process all the daily bumps and stumbles that being an 18 month old dude brings with it!  I have an extremely active little guy.  I spent most of his infancy encouraging tummy time, letting him explore and learn things as he goes, and watching him fall, while trying to make sure he didn't get hurt.  But learning to walk means falling, and learning to fall means learning to get back up again.  Trying again is the foundation of being a toddler.  I can't protect him and put him in a bubble.  If he doesn't learn to fall he won't learn to get back up again - a skill I think is integral to life.

But what CAN I do about all that falling???

I can make sure his little body doesn't get too twisted out of place.  I can encourage his joints to grow with mobility and proper nervous stimulation.   I can make sure all the bumps and bruises don't affect how he moves tomorrow.  I can adjust him.

Short story:

My son loves to play at the kitchen sink with the water.  He pretend washes everything.  Its adorable.  It also keeps him entertained for 20 minutes!  

The other day he was playing at the sink (no he did not fall off his stool! that's not where this is going!).  He was leaning over the sink and when he got down from his playtime, all of a sudden he was walking funny.  Like a limp.  His one leg was not striding right, and he had a hitch in his step.  I watched him for a second, but then thought... no- something is off.  So, since the little guy's mom is a chiropractor, down the stairs we went to my home table.  And sure enough his sac

ro-iliac joint was quite restricted from simply leaning over the sink for too long. Maybe he was standing more on one foot or the other, who knows.  But with one gentle adjustment, and a tiny click of that SI joint, voila - no loner limping.  

It isn't magic, it isn't religion, its manual therapy at its best, and at its most pure.  Tiny bodies with tiny joints that need attention just as much if not more than their adult counterparts.

So yes, I adjust my son, and yes I think it helps him be more comfortable.  As I always say - your kids, your rules.  But if you'd like any information I'm always happy to answer questions!

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